RA330 Day and its Significance at Rolled Alloys

RA330 was created at a time when the thermal processing industry needed a reliable source for a wrought alloy that could withstand the extreme temperatures of heat treating. Who knew this alloy would help Rolled Alloys start a legacy? From that first Detroit location founded in 1953 to now eight locations in the US and several more across the globe, RA330 changed the heat treat industry by providing customers a superior alternative.

Every year, this historic alloy and the start of Rolled Alloys is celebrated across the entire company on March 30th. It is a day that we reflect on how far the company has come and look forward to a promising future.  All facilities celebrate RA330 Day with games, gifts, and treats.

Unfortunately, last year we were unable to celebrate RA330 Day together due to COVID restrictions. Now that we have adjusted to life during a pandemic, we’ve planned a RA330 Day that will allow us to celebrate RA’s history SAFELY 😊 To pay homage to the city of Detroit and other great companies who have roots in Detroit, our Marketing Department put together “Detroit” themed gift bags for all employees.

Over the years, we at Rolled Alloys have expanded our product line, increased processing capabilities, and added facilities around the country to better serve our customers across many industries. None of these achievements would have been possible without the success of RA330. We are excited about this year’s RA330 Day and look forward to many more RA330 Days to come!